Running Shoes

I just ordered two more pair of my favorite running shoe – the New Balance MR758 from  My last two pair of MR758’s have worn out in the heel enough that I feel it’s time for a new pair (or two).  It’s only one week until the Rock ‘n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, so I wanted to get them broken in before then.  Actually, I already own nine pair of these shoes (in different colors), but whenever I get a new set of shoes that don’t give me blisters, they are usually discontinued and nobody sells in my size when it’s time for new ones.  I should be set for the next year with my inventory.  Along with the shoes, I like to use Yankz elastic laces.  These laces are great for triathlons and running in general.  There’s not tieing and untieing of laces.  Simply lace them once and your running shoes become like loafers!  Because they’re elastic, adjustments can be made if necessary.


I live in Orlando, Florida and participate in marathons and triathlons.

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