Mardi-Gras Marathon Recap

Yesterday, I, along with 3500 other folks, completed the Inaugural Mardi-Gras Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in New Orleans.  My chip time was 5 hours 39 minutes and 41 seconds.  That’s about 20 minutes slower than I had hoped, and about 8 minutes slower than my last marathon at Disney World.  It was a beautiful day – no rain, or wind, and about 48F at the start.  One down side in New Orleans are the roads.  As I was thinking yesterday during the race and another participant in the airport put it today, “This is like running a trail run.” with roots, ruts, and pot-holes!  I mean, if a person takes one mis-step there, a sprained ankle is probably going to be the outcome.

For me, I ran up until about mile 14, then started walk/runs.  By the end, I was jogging 150ft for every mile.  To top things off, I never did find the shuttle busses back to the start, so I ended up walking (limping) nearly 4 miles back to my hotel.

Today I’m feeling a bit sore in the ankles, but other than that, nothing too bad.  And I got a really cool medal!  After completing the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Nashville in April, I will receive an extra special medal for finishing two of their races in a year.

Oh yeah, the new New Balance shoes that I only started wearing a week ago turned out to be just fine.


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