Five Points of Life – my next half marathon

I was looking for a half marathon to run in February – one that was close by and one that I hadn’t done before, so I  started a search.  On, I found the Five Points of Life Marathon and Half Marathon.  This one is in Gainesville, which is just a couple of hours North of Orlando.  It also takes place on a long holiday weekend, so I decided to make a weekend out of it.

My last half marathon was the Disney World Half.  I was so behind on my training that I decided to do 1:1 mile:walk intervals.  That worked okay, but I had a slow time (3:12) and was really sore afterwards.

For this half marathon, I have started doing one hour tempo runs one day a week and ever longer LSD runs one day a week.  I should be up to 10 miles on my last LSD run, the week before the half.  Actually, the runs are interval runs, where I do 4:1 work:rest interval.  The pace will be much faster than the Disney half, and I think that because I am actually training this time, I should be okay afterwards.  Don’t let me forget to drink a real recovery drink with protein and BCAAs in it!

I think my goal this year will be to do only half marathons and no triathlon longer than half Iron distance.

See you in Gainesville in 3 weeks!


I live in Orlando, Florida and participate in marathons and triathlons.

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