More races using ChronoTrack D-Tag

This Sunday, 6 December, I will be participating in the Marathon of the Palm Beaches half marathon.  I recently found out that they will be using the dreaded ChronoTrack D-Tag for race timing.  It’s great for race directors because they don’t have to collect the tag after the race.  It’s also supposedly green because there is no paper envelope or plastic zip tie associated with it.  Unfortunately, it’s made of plastic and aluminum.  Both are recyclable, but nobody is really making a concerted effort to recycle them.  ChronoTrack had a page on its website with the address to which athletes and race directors could send used D-Tags for recycling, but they’ve since removed it.  I urge anyone to send their used D-Tags back to ChronoTrack at 111 East Diamond Avenue, Evansville, IN 47711, United States.

Now it seems that ChronoTrack has a new B-Tag coming out.  It’s like the D-Tag but stays attached to the runner’s bib.  Wow, that’s great for everyone.  Less hassle, blah blah blah.  What about the recycling of it?

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