I met the road today

Just another day training on my bicycle, but this day would be different.  I managed to crash during lap four of eight during my lunch time ride- http://twitpic.com/tiqru.  It’s a simple U-turn, I do it five to six days a week.  Mostly I broke the fall with my shoulder and head.  Thank God for helmets.  Luckily I was only going 8-12 mph.  I was in the market for a new helmet anyway 🙂

After I managed to get upright, straighten by brake lever, and ensure that I had all of my pieces, I started riding back home.  It turns out my front tire was going flat.  Once home I found that there was a small shard of glass in the tire.  That may have been my downfall.  Tire replaced (with kevlar) and tube repaired.  I shall try again tomorrow.

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