45 Weeks and Counting

Forty-five weeks and counting until the Ironman 70.3 Miami race.

This week turned out to be not that great training-wise.  On Monday I crashed my bike half way through my workout.  My shoulder still hurts.  It seems that a shard of glass was the cause as my tire was flat.  I fixed the flat and decided to take Tuesday off from the bike.  On Wednesday, I went ro ride and found that my tire was flat.  Perhaps I forgot to pump it up on Monday?  I removed the tube, put some air into it, and checked it in a bucket of water.  No bubbles anywhere.  Not even near the patch.  Okay, I replaced it and put 90psi into it and all seemed fine.  By mile 2, it was flat.  This time I just replaced the tube, put some air into it and rode home to pump it all the way up.  By now it was so windy and there were so many automobiles with people picking up kids from school that I decided to end the ride.

My running went okay this week, though I wanted to take some time off to ensure that I wasn’t going to screw up my knee again.  I took Monday and Thursday off and then Friday it was pouring rain, so that was nixed too.  Today it’s about 48 degrees F (sudden change overnight), but I’m going for it anwyway.  I am also trying to eat Clif Bar Minis for pre-run fueling.  I had tried bagels with almond butter and they didn’t make me sick, but I didn’t seem to have any extra energy either.  The Clif Bar Minis were being sold at Target for $10.99 for a box of 18.  I bought two boxes and each one contains a different variety of three bars.  Chocolate Brownie this a.m.

Swimming:  none.

Total training mileage:  Bike: 23, Run: 10+whatever I do today, Swim:  0.  Pathetic.

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