Freezing in Orlando

It’s just a few days away from the Disney World Marathon (10 Jan) and the temps here in Orlando are close to freezing.  The overnight low Sat/Sun is expected to be about 29!  I am used to running in temps averaging 75 with humidity levels even higher. 

The last two weeks I was in Las Vegas and ran nearly every day.  The temps averaged 45 during my runs.  I was wearing:  Running shorts, Under Armour ColdGear longsleeve mock compression shirt, a longsleeve tech t-shirt, Asics running tights, and a pair of lightweight gloves.  It was quite comfortable once I got warmed up.  Yesterday I ran here in Orlando wearing the same gear plus a balaclava around my ears.  The temp was in the high thirties.  I was quite cold running into the wind.

My quest now is to pick up some chemical hand warmers like the ones made by Grabber.  They last way longer than I would need (7+ hours) and will be less than useful in my shoes or on my body.  At the very least I can use some hand warmers while waiting for the race to start.  Another thought I had was to pick up some ThermaCare HeatWraps.  I have used these for back pain and if they don’t melt the compression shirt, I can use one in between my layers!

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