40 Weeks and Counting

It’s now just 40 weeks until the Ironman 70.3 Miami triathlon.  I was in Miami this week and drove my car along most of the bike course.  Aside from the causeway, it’s completely flat.  The Dixie Highway (US 1) seems to be free of potholes, etc., though I am concerned about traffic.  According to the Ironman Miami website, traffic will be allowed, though I don’t know if that’s just cross traffic or on Dixie Highway itself.  This “highway” is a major road with traffic lights, etc.  It appears fairly straight on google maps, but it does have curves so it won’t be totally boring.  The Ironman Miami website also says in one section that passing will be on the right.  On another section it says that passing will be on the left.  The latter would be the norm here in the states.  My guess is they copied and pasted text from another ironman site.

As I was in Miami on holiday I didn’t get much training done this week.  My intention also was to video the bike course, but that didn’t work out either.  In the end I decided that a vide of the entire bike course wouldn’t really help anyway.

Training log:

Swimming:  0 Meters

Biking:  2 hours indoor trainer

Running:  0 miles

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