Selle SMP Evolution Review

I love my old bike saddle.  The problem is that I couldn’t get it adjusted just so that I wouldn’t have numb genitals after 15 minutes of riding.  In search of a new saddle, I purchased the Selle SMP Evolution from  The price seemed a bit high ($239) for a saddle considering I put it on an $800 bike.  But my thinking was that if it alleviated the numbness and potential ED, then it was well worth it.

Last Friday, I received the saddle and put it on per the instructions.  By the way, your English really sucks Selle SMP.  I like the tag line:  “Designed on your body.”  Anyway, after a short ride around the block after having already worked out that day, I thought it would be good.  Saturday came and I took it out for a 16 mile bike ride.  Granted, there was a lot of standing to get up hills, and therefore I couldn’t say I was in the saddle for the whole time, but the results were astonishing!  I suffered no numbness at all.  Today I went out for my usual 14 miler and the results are the same.  I spend more time in the aero position and no numbness.  As for general comfort, it doesn’t seem to do a better job than my last saddle (Selle San Marco Tri saddle), but I am a firm believer in this awesome saddle.  The $239 plus shipping costs was well worth it!

Only 30 miles of riding and not all in the aero position is probably a bit early to tell how things will really work out, so I will update the post in a week or two.

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