Oakley Radar Path Polarized Sunglasses Review

I purchased the Oakley Radar Path Polarized sunglasses about a year ago. My main motivation was to have some nice polarized sunglasses that I could wear during my half Ironman race in Boise and beyond.
The retail price is USD $250.00, which is a lot, but I have always felt that to protect my eyes from the sun and flying harzards was worth almost any amount. I bought them on rei.com for USD $200.00.
Overall I really like these sunglasses. They have a special coating and lens design that allows perspiration to slide right off. They still fog up when running in the Orlando humidity. Not sure if I can use anti-fog on them. Occasionally I notice some slight aberration at the periphery, but it’s not big deal.
These sunglasses are lightweight, prevent sweat buildup and smudging, and really allow me to see well when it’s bright out.

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