Back in the swing of things…

I’m now training regularly.  Swimming three days a week, biking on the indoor trainer three days a week, and running when I can. 

Today I swam 1550 meters, which is about where I want to be.  I usually take about 15s break after each 50 meters, but today I just kept going for the last 500 meters or so.  It felt okay.

Biking on the indoor trainer is getting better, little by little.  I did increase the tension on the rock ‘n roll trainer, so I expect that I am going to be tired sooner.

Running is just a drag right now.  It’s so humid here (appox. 80%) in the a.m. that even with a low temp of 78 degrees F, it’s really really most.  Even wearing my Pearl Izumi triathlon shorts, I still manage to lose about one liter of sweat per hour.  Okay, I don’t really lose it, so much as have it soak into my singlet and shorts.

The afac triathlon is just over two weeks away.  Looking forward to getting ‘er done!

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